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Dec 21, 2003
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Southeast Missouri
Let's start with the fact that I know very little about computers. When I have problems I often end up inviting the kids over for a work day (usually only minutes for them). It costs me barbeque in warm weather and a pot of Chili when it's cool but I just play with the grandkids while they take care of things. Now the question: Most posts here fit the page. On others, they are much wider and I end up scrolling back and forth to be able to read them. How does that happen? As I get older and my eyesight and memory keep getting worse, it makes it harder for me to keep my place. I don't want to skip these posts because there is too much good info on this site. Does it have anything to do with oversized pictures being posted? Not a big problem, I just wondered what caused it to be that way sometimes.
You might try miniumizing then bringing back up.
I know nuthin bout computers but that has worked for me.
dun":vyr7wo5h said:
Oversized pictures is the most common cause


I agree. You may want to check & see which ones have the scrolling problem & my bet is that it's only the ones with pictures.

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