Opinions on fence stays

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What is everyone's opinions on using fence stays in order to increase spacing between posts and decrease cost? What spacing do you use with or without stays?

Not a fan...I stick with either wooden or steel corners, h-braces etc. and t-posts. The t-posts are generally about 6 feet apart depending on how hard the ground is and terrain. Wooden posts interspersed at about ever 5 or 6 t-post throughout....it has worked well for me here in east Texas...so far...
Stays are cheap and posts aren't... but by the time you get any benefit out of a stay by increased spacing you've already used so many that you could have used an extra post.

Still, they do have utility at times if you have a place where cattle test your fence. I've kept them around and used them.
If you have flat ground and running hi-tensile, you can go 100' with wooden posts and stays in between if you want and if your cattle respect your fence. I mostly have 3 strand perimeter ...all 3 can be heated, but usually just have middle hot. But, my cattle respect 1 strand polywire.