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Jul 14, 2017
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Hello everyone! :)
This is Patty from Oklahoma.
Tuesday of this week a friend of mine sold me her Jersey cow. She may be pregnant. Dolly is her name she is extremely gentle. Well I am noticing in the past few days one side of her milk bag is larger than the other. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort. We are so new to this. She had been exposed to a bull also.
However my granddaughter had squeezed her udder and clear yellow liquid came out. Is this normal? What do I need to watch for? Did squeezing her udder cause this to happen? So afraid of messing up. :?
Dolly is 7 years old also. :help:
Thanks in advance! :D
Was the cow in milk when you got her or dry? If dry then it might not be a big deal, but could be an indication of mastitis. If she is in milk then it is probably a problem as it is more than likely mastitis. What is her temp? Is the udder hot? Hard and tight or soft. Does this friend live close and did she milk her in the past? Get her to come look at it or someone that has some cow experience. You need to find out if she is pregnant, a vet can palpate her, and that will tell you if she is starting to "bag up" prior to calving. There will be some increase in her bag and it can often be yellowish as the colostrum starts to form but I'm thinking there may be a problem. Get someone who knows what to look for to come see and give you a crash course. I'm thinking this friend should be helping you to learn the ropes on owning a dairy cow.
She was out to pasture. She hadn't been milked in over a year. I know this for sure. I'm praying she's calving. I will take your advice and I thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me I really appreciate it!
I bet your area is beautiful, I know the name of your state and city are.
Okay. If she hadn't been milked for a year, and the udder is getting bigger, then there is a good chance she is getting close to calving. Is the udder tight or hot, swollen feeling, or just softly getting bigger, and not feeling like a fever? If you are "new" to a dairy cow, I would also suggest that you try some of the "STOREY" publications on cattle. I think there is one on owning a dairy cow. Like owning a family cow or something like that. Everyone has to start somewhere. I had friends that had a dairy so got my practical experience there, plus my grandmother and some cousins/great aunts and uncles had milk cows.

Yes the Shenandoah valley area is beautiful. Moved here from CT and had family in VT and the Blue Ridge mountains are very like the Green Mtns of VT. Just ALOT less winter here and more grazing etc. Didn't want 6 months of winter, 2 months of mud season, 1 month of spring, a week of summer and the rest fall ---getting ready for winter season......

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