OK Dun..what is it now?

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Dec 30, 2003
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What's the avatar now? Looks like a deer tail to me. Or, once again, am I waaaay off base?!! :lol:
Beefy":28uy7v1f said:
i think its a cocoon

Right, I'm still trying to find out what the actual adult is. They're only found around where there are cedars and the larvase in die ranges from solid black to black with a white head with purple spots.

txag":s9cd3pmb said:
bag worm is my guess

Interesting, around here a bag worm is a totally different critter.
Here they call bag worms what we used to call tent caterpillars.

Beefy":2p3rai1p said:
i hate persimmon trees.

This must be the year of the persimmon. They're hanging in clusters like grapes and the clusters are the size of soccor balls.

CattleAnnie":383smsqn said:
Hey dun, can you post a picture of what of persimmon tree and it's seeds look like? I've never seen one and am kind of curious.

Take care.

Since your earlier post I was planning on it, just haven't had the time yet. But it's coming

A deer has to be on his toes to get a persimmon around here. The coons and possums climb the trees for them and the wild hogs, coyotes and cows are standing around under the trees waiting for one to fall.
Arnold Ziffle":1tox9qyo said:
I believe there is usually good deer hunting around persimmon trees shedding ripe fruit. Have you got a deer stand nearby, Dun?

More like hunting positions then stands. One is in the middle of a small pasture that is ringed with persimmons. I just hunker down in the middle of a berry thicket and wait. Another on a pond dam, same thing, a couple in old dozer piles. Problem is there's going to be so much feed it's hard to be in the right place at the right time. But we have a bunch of out-of-state friends that have all offered to come and help with that problem.