Non American Citizens Response to John "ketchup Kerry

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Jan 31, 2004
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South La
This person hasn 't been in the U.S. of A. long enough to be a citizen.
He is a Reg. Angus Breeder located in upstate New York.

Hey Lloyd,
just endured the most teeth gnashing, stomach churning display of sycophancy and downright barefaced lying in my life (and I watched the Clinton Impeachment!)

Yep you guessed it, John 'ketchup' Kerry's acceptance speech.

In short, he won't respond to a threat unless we're attacked (wasn't Dubya supposed to pre-empt 9/11 according to him?)

He'll 'restore respect for America in the World' (so he WILL kiss the French and the Germans asses!)

He'll 'never mislead the Counrty into going to war' (SO he didn't read and understand the 9/11 report even though he'll adopt all its recommendations regardles of how dumb or bureaucratic they are!)

He'll make sure our armed forces have the most modern weoponry available (despite having spent twenty years voting against new weopons systems)

He'll give teachers a pay raise (without requiring they actually do their job and teach the kids to read and write!)

I guess he'll be the type of President who speaks loudly and carries a swimming pool noodle!

What a loser, God Bless George W. Bush. God Bless America!


PS. Man, I wish I could vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sooo....Lloyd and Robert you do accept when he said he will put "truth and credibility back into the White House" and the facts the American people need to know the truth? Kerry said he will find the facts and share it to the public before actions.

SO you accept when he said he will push the UN to provide security into Iraq, bring our troops home and add 40,000 troops in places where we are overstretched and thinned out.

SO you agree when he said we depend on 53% of foreign oil reserves (only use 3% oil reserves in America) and we need to stop sucking up to the Saudi Royal family? He wants to re-write the environmental laws so we can depend on our own oil reserves! Yaaaaaaaayyyy!

So you agree since 2000, there has been 3 million more people on poverty? He hopes to add 5 million new jobs during the next four years (thought that was a bit low). He wants to cut taxes for the hard working middle class (thats good but what about the lower classes?).

I do follow and agree what your friend Robert had said..good post Lloyd...keep it up!
kerry and the truth reminds me of slick willy and the meaning of what is is.

greenpasture78":2w7jab63 said:
. He wants to cut taxes for the hard working middle class (thats good but what about the lower classes?).

Most of your so called "lower class"pay no taxes. They get the childs tax credit, welfare checks, food stamps, medicare or medicade to pay for their medical bills, SSI , like you claim you are getting while you sit on your ass and do nothing but whine about how tough you have it.
All of the above benefits are paid by the hard working middle class and the wealthy, while you sit on your ass and bitch that we aren't giving you enough.
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Interesting reading.... Kerry was on TV last night, caught just that last few minutes of him, Ohio has decided the vote for the last many elections, in particular, Stark County. Thought that was interesting. They said last night if the election was to happen today, Kerry would be in the lead by 30 electoral votes. That worries me. I don't like what Bush administration has done to the education system, but that is going to be there longer than Kerry will, so he can't do anything about that right now. I am very worried about the military and if we pull out of this situation. It is serious and history has proven that democrats do not defend our country.... the military mind is republican. (several of my relatives) went into the military as democrats and came out republican. Don't know. But it does concern me. It is important to VOTE! That is the bottom line.
hey Grenn pasture < how much did you pay in taxes last year ????????????????????? not o friggin dime .....................................
NUF said youre a wining little kid who hasnt a clue what youre talking about. grow up and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, get a damn job
Like I said People!

we should offer one free service,

burrial, or the disposal of their dead bodies!

Remove them from the burden they place on our society

We recently aquired my Mother in Law, an 86 year old woman who worked as a book keeper, supported the military effort by going and sitting, dancing with soldiers away from home with a Support program during WW2, had 2 boy she cared for alone with help from her mom, during Corean War, and she gets SS benefits, she is the type that deserves it, she busted hur but for 60 some odd years and earned it, don't give me the entitlement BS, no one is entitled to anyone elses stuff, you earn it, you get it, Period

If you are one of those waiting around to collect after someone dies you are a leach and are probably a democrat

If I want it I'll work for it and buy it myself, I don't need and or want any one elses stuff, and I am DISABLED, I have MS, lost sight in one eye, and am too darned stubborn to care so I just keep on keepin on, and have not let it stop me from doing anything, I ski, still shoot, do winter mountaineering (can't find many healthy people to do it with me), so I go alone

I was once told by a friend of mine after I had told him I would not want to live without my legs, that "You are so stubborn you would figure a way to get about with out them", and I showed against a boy in high School who lost his whole leg from cancer, and nothing stopped him, he showed some rank cattle, and you would never know he lost a limb unless you saw his crutches, that young man was an inspiration to many, not a complainer, he got knocked down and came back swinging with full force