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Jan 25, 2009
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Fremont, Ohio
we are doing premesis registry and need to think of a farm name. We are going to focus mainly on Belted Galloway Cattle but don't want the breed in the name. We also have horses and chickens. Thanks
"we are doing premises registry"

:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: Is the voluntary program mandatory in your state?
You could name your farm based on your land and what your place looks like-i.e. Sunny Ridge or Winding Hills or something like that, or if you have a big tree or flower or something that is a focal point of your place- i.e. Rock Maple Farms or Bluebell Acres. Sorry I'm not very creative, :lol:. You could always just use your last name-my grandparents have Frith Farms or your family's first initials- T & K Acres or something like that. Good luck.
Jovid":1s7ey1k1 said:
Oreo Heaven :banana:

:lol2: :lol2: oh wow. thats a winner.
do you have a brand? ours is named after the brand my gramps uses. the rocking bar l ranch.
hmmm...."The Chicken Ranch" use to be a very popular place down in LaGrange, Texas. Profitable as well. Lots of chicks but no chickens. :lol:
we like Buckeye______________.
so far bluff is winning. We like what it means. Bluff is thinking you know something better than others and not really knowing. We know we don't know that much about cattle and livestock so it would symbolizing learning everyday and buckeye cause we live in Ohio.

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