Near Christmas baby calf

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
This little heifer was a bit of a surprise today, when she came up with her mother. With the bad weather coming in tonight, we got the pair in the barn to wait out the winter storm.
This cow is a home raised 3rd calf cow that's gained time each year calving. She had her first calf at 21 months old, I will always remember her story as I found her that morning standing over her newborn calf trying to fight off a circle of buzzards.
She is also a case of a heifer that has a better udder than her mother did. I almost sold her after weaning as I thought her mother was one of the worst uddered cows I'd ever had.93A0ED36-5055-4D38-9D86-C4060469AB62.jpeg082FB4CA-B244-44CB-9122-FC834FBEAFE2.jpeg
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