My heart hurts for one of ours . . . .

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Kathie in Thorp

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Jun 1, 2011
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Pac NW (the Drier Part)
Where's my head at today . . . nearby, I'm butchering apples to dehdryate. One load done; another on the way.
Not far, a fam member will have some major surgery in a week or so and I'll be travelling to be a helper with that for a few days.
Far away, Canada, a lady and her fam I have soooo much respect for are having a dispersal sale of their cattle today . . . . cattle well known in Canada and long-time effort for them . . . as she has recurring issues with cancer and they are planning for sort of an unknown future. And I so wish I could just grab her and give her the biggest hug she ever got in her life, and then have a glass of wine with her, and snack on some good cheese and crackers, and I pray she recovers and the family has no regrets about the decisions they've had to make. My heart so hurts for them.

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