Murphy’s law of hay baling

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Mar 8, 2014
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Pisgah, Alabama
Had 10 acres left to roll when we broke a belt on our baler . Then discovered a bad roller which probably caused the belt to break . No rain in sight for the next 5 days , but sure was hoping to finish. ☹️
Sounds like a normal day in the hay field for me. And it really doesn't matter how good you go over the equipment before you start. Did the last cutting on my bermuda field this past week, and that will be it . Got 5 cuttings but this one was really not think enough to be worth it. Aug and Sept was just a little too dry. Got about 200 sq bales for the horses is all. You gonna be able to get it fixed this week?
This is some reclaimed coal mine land . We sprayed and fertilized . This is second cutting. Have to go with the terraces and the washes . Surprisingly good fescue / mixed grass hay . Have one more field at the farm , 10 acres of sweet grazer sudex / Sudan . Guy only asks we bush hog the rest of his place ; about 5 acres he wants it to grow up in the summer for his does to hide in with their fawns . Now he wants it cut so he can see the deer 🦌.
My son is wanting to get into the square bale business, I don't have a big barn on the place we can make the best/most hay, so I would have to build a barn to hold at least 10k squares.
I'm thinking.