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Jun 9, 2014
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I have been buying heifers in the spring and selling in the fall for several years. There are not a lot of cattlemen around me so I thought I would pose this question. I want to make a concerted effort this year to put as many pounds on them as possible. They of course have been wormed. The pasture has good grass which has been fertilized the past week. I an located in central Arkansas. Feed a supplement or not? Perhaps wait till July to start? Fertilize again in late June? That adds quickly to the cost. Any other tips. With prices like they are it's going to be tricky. Thanks all.
Even though mine are on grass, I also feed morning and afternoon. It's probably just me, but I feel like if you divide your ration, they grow better. I'll feed about a Lund per 100. Ddg, and corn 50/50.
1. Implant - Synovex-H designed to improve average daily gain in non-replacement heifers weighing over 400 lbs
Synovex-H lasts about 16 weeks (112 days) or use Ralgro which lasts about 84 days (12 weeks)

2. Since your goal is as many pounds as possible, I would plan on supplementing pasture with some sort of a grain ration.
IMO that is a hard way to make a profit unless you can get your inputs to almost zero.
Again IMO you would be better off buying SS heavies for no more than 200 over kill price. Calf them out haul them back in the fall split the pairs.

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