Monthly cost to care for a horse?

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Hmmmm. First there's hay to be purchased. Maybe 22+# of hay per day per horse. Around here, with the drought, hay is selling for $120/T.

Don't forget worming every other month - maybe $12-$13 per horse.

Trimming hooves around here by a good farrier runs $20/horse, while trimming and shoes are $50+ per horse.

Pasture? Well, it costs to buy land; it costs to fertilize, seed or otherwise care for that land; and there are property taxes to pay.

Need to transport your horse somewhere? Buy a stock or horse trailer. And, something powerful enough to pull the loaded trailer safely.

Oh, and vaccinations. West Nile Virus vaccine here is $15/shot if you give it yourself. There are other vaccines to be given, as well.

Vet bills & medication costs if your horse becomes ill. Grooming supplies. Halters, bridles, lead ropes, saddles, saddle blankets . . .

Stock tanks, or buckets for watering; feeders; salt blocks, maybe horse supplement tubs or feed.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Anyone else?

BTW - we own 5 horses, and they're worth every penny to us.

> I was just wondering what a ball
> park figure for caring for a horse
> monthly? Thanks, Hillary
We own four horses with 2 pregnant at present. Also run registered Longhorn Cattle. Some have said can figure on about $100 a month per year basis per adult horse. Lot depends on how much stuff you do yourself to care for them and if you do "maintenance" care or "premium care"--either without jeopardizine the horse.

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