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I have noticed a lot of ups and downs in "natural beef" but dose depend on how far your leg is in the door of the company your using to how stable the demand is.

I deal direct with purchasing of then one natural beef company. When I first started with them my cows were on the lower end of there standard but was able to sell them a full semi loads at a time so I got a contract. I worked with them to improve my offspring to meet there needs. Every year I get with my buyer and hand over all the calf's records. They come out about a week latter and hand pick what they will take. They get sorted into 2 groups and get retagged with there tags. I retain ownership till processing and sometimes stay on my land for up to 60 days. They will schedule loads by what group they want at the time. My buyer sends me us Christmas and birthday cards and has been known to call and ask how his kids are doing a few times a year. There prices and demand do swing but not like the cattle market.

With what I have left do use to 2 other companies I don't see the demand from. I have tried to work with both of them to find out why I don't fit better into there programs to do more sales but the just run me around the bush. They don't seam to be picky on what they take and I'm on the lower end of the pricing. I'm making money off what I sell to them but not as much as my primary contract. I do see a larger swing in demand and price then my other contract but not nearly as bad as the cattle market.

Hey cattlepower will sent PM soon…
Angus Cowman":3n6gfqu1 said:
guess I should rephrase my answer as to the fluctuations it seems the premiums are not as much some yrs

No you don't need to rephrase anything. Everyone needs to remember that there are missing details with everything in life. If someone doses not ask the right questions to get out the details then they will never know the entire story. We all leave out a lot of details when we post because we forget (or don't care) that not everyone on this board knows everything about your animals and you're management style.

I'm sure there are lots of differences between our animals and management style. I'll post the short list to what I think some of the larger factors could be between the 2 of us…
Grass fed or grain fed?
Type of grouping or lack of when sold?
How large are the groups you make?
Are they going right to the slaughter, have to be resorted, or to feed lot to become grain fed cattle? I feel this could be the large key between us.
How well do you fit there program? If I'm fitting perfectly into company A then how well do my left over product fit into companies B, C, and D after A nitpicked what they wanted?
How well do you market your product and how well do you change your product to be there top supplier?

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