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Jul 10, 2007
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anyone have any experience with meadow fescue. Got a catalog the other day and I am trying to devise my own mix. The catalog refers to meadow fescue as being popular in Canada and is starting to become more popular in the U.S. One variety is supposedly able to grow in southern zones including Missouri. Not a big fan of fescue, but I am considering this because it is supposed to rival rye in palatablility and digestability.
we have fescue, I just don't want to sow any on this new pasture. I am looking at perenial rye grass, brome, and possible meadow fesuce mix with clovers.

I looked at some of their mixes and I was surprised at how many have a great deal of alfalfa in them and they are labeled Beef_______ or dairy________. I owuld have thought they would have been labeled horse________ since they make horse mixes.

The meadow fescues are supposed to be shorter than tall fescue and have a softer leaf. They are also supposed to come on stronger in the spring than regular fescue but maintain their resilience through summer and fall.

They sell a hybrid of annual rye grass and tall frescue called Festolium and it appears the meadow fescue is very similar to this grass in its attributes.
Tall fescue winter kills in this country. I have been planting a lot of meadow fescue the last 3 years:

Does well in clover meadows :shock:
Has good fall growth
Reasonable price seed
Cattle like it
Fills in some the second year
I am told the stands start to thin after 5 years with commerical seed :(
Naturalized types are in development
meadow fescue works great in cold, "wet" climates like canada, northern europe, wisconsin, etc... It will shut down (not be as productive as tall fescue or orchardgrass) in the summer months. have you considered a ryegrass, orchardgrass, clover mix?

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