me and my jack

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Jan 14, 2006
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heres a pic of my jack and i , we had a hog roast at the farm this summer . had about 86 ppl there. ol general came from home to the farm for the weekend to give the kids donkey rides.. i took him a couple laps before the kids rode. they all had a great time riding,

he goes the county fair every year for the week, he loves people.. ol feller is 12 now. our granddaughter, Trintiy loves him, she sits on him and hugs him. lol
Nice pic brownmule. We have two older horses and I've thought that after they're gone I might want a mule, but I don't know much about them. What do you like about them compared to horses? How are they different? Excuse my ignorance but I'm curious what people like about them.
well the diff between mules and horses.. i still have my daughters horse shes a pretty good short ear.they seem to be a lot more mellow, there is good and bad ones like every thing but i figure if you ran on to a bad it would be super bad. a mule is more sure footed because of the position of thair eyes they can see all 4 feet. they know exactly where they are setting them down.
my mules were imprinted as soon as they hit the ground{most important} they are big babies. ambers horse good little mare. but if you havent rode her in a whlie. it takes about 20 min to ride the bugs out,,
my mules can go for long time with out any one on thair back, its just like you rode yesterday. #1 reason. getting too old to be the "cowboy" my big gray mule i had rode her in 5 yrs last summer i got on her. was a little tight for about 5 min. then she relaxed rode all over the fields no prob.. thats why i like mules. a mule wont do any thing to hurt himself. like freak out and jump over a cliff. they need less protein in food, so if hay not the best that works good.i feed 10% grain no higher. thay cant handle the high test.
i have mules and donkeys. general is a stallion donkey{jack} but he only acts like a stallion when he "court'en" . hope on day you find you a good mule. ive been kicked one time by my mule i was at the wrong place at the wrong time. she was kicking at other mule and i step behind her just as she drew up. i got hammered she knew what she had done and turn to me. cant count the times ive been kicked by them shortears.. just getting spooked about something.. getting too old for that too! LOL rose
Thanks for the info brown mule. People are always shocked that I don't ride our horses. One is too old but the other is not. He's a handsome paint with a blue eye and everyone loves him. He's stumble footed though. Doesn't watch where he puts his feet and misses a step now and then. That's why I never ride him! Not interested in taking a tumble and it's not relaxing going for a ride when you have to pay attention every single second...

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