McKeller Angus Sale

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I watched it, am on the learning curve here so tell me what you folks thought of it. What did you think of the offerings and the prices they were going for?

Here's why I ask that, around here, there are from time to time a run on folks trying to sell yearling angus bulls, now I realize that they are mostly just trying to get rid of the ones that aren't up to the sellers standards. BUT, they ask around $1,000 and up for these guys. Some of those bulls on the auction went for just a bit over double that and looked to be a much, much better animal.
In my experience it is the total opposite. Most breeders want to sell yearling bulls, they dont have as much time, feed, general overhead in them. The experiences I have had down here the good bulls sell as yearlings and the ones would were alittle behind at yearling are sold as long yearlings or 2 yr olds. Gives the breeder more time to get the bull to the right size. Easier to sell a 1500-1700# two yr old than it is to sell a 975# yearling.

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