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Sep 12, 2022
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South Georgia
I moved some 6-1/2-7 month old calves (3) with two of the mama cows for 2 reasons. One was to help the grass situation in my cow pastures. The other is these 3 calves are fixing to be sale bound in the next week or two. I had about an acre with hood grass on it so it made sense. My concern is now the calf with out the mom in the pasture has moo'ed it self until it lost her voice. Should I be concerned? I mean like developing pneumonia or something? This morning I carried them a watermelon rind and she was trying to moo but was only a whisper moo. She had been grazing I know because she had grass hanging on her jaw. She was with all the rest of the cattle in the shade. It was 104 f yesterday evening at 6 pm here. What are y'all's take on this calf?
As long as it appears to be breathing normally and not acting droopy or with a runny nose, I wouldn't be concerned. Some that bawl more than others will make themselves hoarse sometimes, kinda like we do after talking alot or hollering/cheering at an event. I would just monitor for coughing, runny noses, etc.
Bawling usually lasts up to 3 days when weaning - for the calves & mamas. Not uncommon for them to get hoarse. BUT I wean my calves a minimum of 45 days (usually 60) and monitor them a couple times a day for any signs of sickness. And they regain any weight loss.

Agree if you're going to sell all 3 calves, essentially not weaned, I'd keep all 3 mamas with them until you put 'em on the trailer. That said, you'll take a hit selling bawling calves, but a lot of people do it.
I was planning on moving the mama with the calf but when I went by the coral the calf was grazing in the coral so I just shut her in and loaded her up and took her across the road. They were all (calves) were to catch the trailer that coming Tuesday to the sale barn, but bad weather and other uncontrollable events happened that has kept them for 2 weeks now. If nothing else happens they will be on trailer next Tuesday for the sale. The moms will remain in the pasture they are in until new moms and calves are moved in again.Then those two will be sent back to their regular pastures. It don't make much sense unless your here to see it. I wanted to move the mom that day with her, but she wasn't cooperating and I was by myself and had no help.

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