Lightning Srike

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Feb 3, 2008
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Central Texas
Well, about 4 pm this afternoon a itty bitty shower started out to the west. By 4:40 it had turned into quite an electrical show and struck a light pole several hundred feet from the house.

I happened to be setting at my desk and gazing out watching the little sprinkle that was coming down when it hit. Busted a light pole, blew the lighting arrestor to pieces on the transformer and knocked the transformer out too. Was lucky, their were about 35 cows and calves about 150 feet to the left of that pole in the picture. None were hit. Boy did they jump and run. Looks like everything electrical survived except for a maybe a battery charger for a cordless drill and my $40 network router.

Oh got 1/10th of an inch.
A tenth of an inch!!!? That storm was all hat and no cattle. I reckon a tenth is better than dust. Glad not much was damaged.

You need to have a master electrician check out ur entire house....You may be very surprised to find that while many of the things that still work, will have had their lifespan shortened...Make sure the person really has his master's tag....ur insurance will fight u otherwise.
Woah!!!! Glad there wasn't much damage. I agree you should have someone trustworthy check out the house/barn..Might have weakened wireing someplace.
Good it didn't start a grass fire!!
ouch that pole got hitt good.i bet its mush inside.they will have to replace the pole.
We had a heckuva lightning storm here yesterday, too. I thought sure we'd have some damage, but so far so good. It didn't get the electric fence box, though, so if that's okay, usually everything else is fine. Scary stuff anyway. When you stop hearing thunder and start hearing 'POP' evertime you see lightning, it's eerie.

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