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May 9, 2004
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NW Oregon
We have a mare we just got back from a reproduction facility, she was AI'd on the 11th of May, we took mare and week old foal to the facility. My question is, we need to haul the mare back to the facility for ultra-sound on the 28th, foal will be 33 days by then. My fear is that there is more risk to the foal and mare hauling than leaving foal in stall by himself for the six hours by himself. Haul him and risk injury or leave him home an risk too much stress? (colic)

I would allways haul both, the stress on the mare and foal is to much at this time. Cindy
haul both to get ultra sound, put mare in front cut and foal on back. if long haul, stop half way and let foal nurse. i would'nt put them together,mother might step on it or you have an accident and mare might fall on foal.
Such risk! That is specifically why I bred my mare every other year instead of every year. So many complications can arise, from accidents, illness, stress. etc. The whole idea makes my skin crawl, but it is being done. My first question is why not have a vet come in to you and do a pelvic exam. In a few simple minutes, he can tell you whether your horse is pregnant or not and no rigamoreole for Mother and baby. Is it the policy of the facility to have the horse come in and have an ultrasound or they are not guaranteeing anything? If you HAVE to do this, then definetely take the foal with you. If you separate them, the mare will freak, the foal will freak and the risk just rises a lot. If there is any interruption in the foal's milk supply, even for a few hours, there is big risk to epiphisits setting in and will affect the bones of the foal, which is in the legs and future joint problems. No, its' not nice to fool with Mother Nature. She'll come back to bite you with equal severity for your crime....every time! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this exercise turns out well for you and that Murphy's Law is applying itself somewhere else......(shudder). Good luck!

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