Im Looking at a Paint Mare Registered with APHA

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That mare would be good for just about anything judging by that pedigree. Wonder why the current owner isn't showing it off?
The owner may not know about bloodlines, plus a pedigree is only an indication of what the mare be good at, not a guarantee.

Some people have a prejudice against certain bloodlines too. I have a friend who won't have anything with Doc Bar in his barn because some of them can have an attitude when young. He had one that was a bucker and that ruined him on the bloodline.
Chippie, thank you for that information a lady was trading for this mare and wanted me to straighten her out when she got it home, but I think the deal fell apart.
And thanks everyone else for your opinion, I have heard good and bad about "Doc bar" seems like they come 2 ways good or bad and no middle.
good luck