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Aug 30, 2007
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Was wondering what you charge if you are leasing out bulls. Also, do you have a contract or written conditions on the bull being returned in the same condition as he left? What about if the bull dies or is injured while being leased out? I am considering leasing out some good yearling bulls but would like to hear what experiences you have had.
We lease out a few young bulls and a couple of older herd bulls each year. We charge by the number of cows exposed to, usually $15-20 per cow. We get the benefit of seeing how the young bulls preform and we buy some of the heifers back from our customers. So far all verbal agreements, the bulls are close enough for us to monitor and our customers are good people we know and trust. I would recommend buying insurance on the bulls if a loss or injury would be a major issue. Good luck.

I lease bulls out every year I have 1 customer that takes 4. The contract I have is that he provides adequate care and feed of the animals and notifies me immediately if here is an injury or illness and if he cannot contact me he will contact the vet and I give them a list of vets that I use and get treatment for the animal, if the injury is minor or just avg they pay the vet bill EX last yr had one that cut his leg so he called the vet and had it sewn up and Dr.ed
I get $1200 pr bull for a 90 day breeding season no other bulls can be with my bulls and he pairs the bulls the way I specify
He provides transportation
I don't guarantee a percentage of breds all I give is a BSE less than 60 days old
if a bull becomes injured or sick where he can't breed I will replace that bull with another for the rest of the 90 days
To me if you are leasing bulls either know who you are dealing with or make sure it is written. If it is friend or neihbor that you know real well you will be fairly safe. If this is means for income and you are willing to loan to whom ever beware because you may not get him back.
This is how we do it...

We sell the bull to them for X amount of money insuring we will buy it back if it is returned in the same condition. When they are done using it for the agreed time we buy it back for at a pre-agreed price (less than it was sold letting us net a profit).

The reason why is what happens when you lease a bull and it dies, isnt kept in good condition or breaks a leg. This helps avoid that and it works for us.
All a good way to get std's released into your herds. Do yall test the bulls for STD's after they come back?
I leased a bull last breeding season from a rancher I know quite well.

The owner and I agreed on a value for the bull if we were going to buy him ( based on EPD's , pedigree , phonotype )and the lease amount was agreed at a third of that figure . Unfortunately the bull broke a leg so we got a freezer full of hamburger and paid the remaining two thirds of the bulls value.

He is a good bloke and lent us another at no charge to finish the breeding season.

Think I might buy one this year.


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