Lambs= 1, Cat= 0

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Feb 10, 2005
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Western Australia
A few years ago. Came across it again. The lambs are Shropshires. Funniest little sheep ever.

WAS supposed to be a mouser. Instead he gets spoilt and just hangs around all day. Gets along with sheep and cattle though which is funny. Found him asleep between my laying steers legs one :lol2:
Aw man, I am suffering lamb withdrawal symptoms. Normally I the first poddies arrive March 1st. Its now April and I have NONE! Its so bad I'm buying pregnant ewes! lol

My cat often gets like that, only just squeezing through the fence before the goats and sheep catch up with her. Its cute.

Ours was supposed to be a mouser too, turned into a house/pet cat. But a few weeks ago a wild one moved into our place, so I guess she will be doing the mousing duties, so I have no problem with her staying.
I know what you mean. It's been about 3-4 years since I had a poddy, last one being a blind lamb. Man she was funny. Grew up nice and big too. Last I heard a teacher from school bought her as a pet for her kids. Being blind she was super affectionate. But it didn't stop her running around... once she remembered where everything was in the yard :lol2:
The 5am wake ups are worth it though.

You'll seriously have fun with those damara lambs. When we took our border leicesters and shropshires to our shows there was always a guy who bred damaras. And most of the time he had a ewe and lamb and you'd be wandering around the pens and come across one of these lambs and be like "Hey what are you doing out?" so we'd pick it up and put it back with mum and see it wiggle through the pen again and go wandering off... again. They're seriously cute.
I'm not that nice to my poddies, last feed is 10pm next feed is 6am. Unless I have a weak one, then I bring em inside and get up to check every two to four hours and feed if necessary.

Although I do check the lambing/kidding ewes/does during the night, so yeah I guess when I bring these girls home it will be back to 10pm, 2am and 6am checks. Its so worth it though :D

The damara lambs come out pretty small do they? From what I read they tend to only have singles, not many twins, which is a shame. maybe I can work on that

Our local shows use these portable panels, they belong to the biggest show and the little ones hire them. Little lambs and kids fit through the bars, and way back when, most people just let em, and they'd be running around playing with each other, it was cute. That was back when you would take a ewe out in the ring and bring the lambs out into the ring, and everyone would just let their lambs run around and play, the public loved it. Cos of Johnes now, you cant do that, they have to be held in the ring and people now put mesh inside the pens so they dont escape
They're just very slender lambs. Personally I have never seen twins but my only experience with them is seeing them at shows.

Poddy calves are worse. I lived in residential and had one and he was good. quiet little moos. but then we got this bully who bellowed if he saw any sign of movement in the house. so we used to have to make the milk up in the dark and then run out and feed him before he woke up the neighbours lol
yeah I know what you mean. my goats start up whenever someone steps out of the house. The buggers are so accustomed to hand feeding now, they wont know what to do with themselves if it ever does rain and they get booted back out to pasture

luckily my neighbours dont really mind