Kerry's pathetic voting record

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Dec 27, 2003
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Paris, Texas
If I performed my job like this I would have been fired a long long time ago...forget being "promoted" to President. Here is a summary of Kerry's voting record.. note he was "not voting" 64.8% of the time..490 opportunities to vote.. 318 time "did not vote"; when he did bother to show up and vote, he was so far socialist-left.. by the way.. North Korea likes the idea of this bozo being the "prez".. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Voted Result Count
No Agreed To 36
No Confirmed 1
No Passed 2
No Rejected 12
Yes Agreed To 43
Yes Confirmed 7
Yes Passed 3
Yes Rejected 68
Not Voting Agreed To 116
Not Voting Confirmed 48
Not Voting Not Sustained 1
Not Voting Passed 32
Not Voting Rejected 121

172 Votes.
318 Non-votes.

To view Senate voting records on specific items see link below.[/url]