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Mar 2, 2004
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Northeastern BC Canada
Yeah, I know it's kind of silly. Thought it might lighten up the day. I just wonder if the woman's picture ever turned out half as interesting as this one.

Sorry, can't get the darned Photobucket to download that picture properly on here. :(

Kind of like adding insult to injury after being in stuck indoors due to snow again today.

Take care.
Cattle Annie,

I editied your post to show you the problem. The BBCode always has to have the / part at the end, not the beginning. Best way is to click Img button, paste the URL then click the Img button again.
CRR, I wouldn't be that mean!

And thanks Macon. I did hit the Img button, pasted the information,and then hit Img again. But I couldn't get the BBCode/ to go to the end instead of the beginning. Just one of those days, I guess.

Take care.
Annie --- speaking of pictures, I sure hope that when you pop that nice 6x6 bull elk you get lots of good photos and will post them here.

And some of that snow would be welcome at my place right now --- I just got in from 10 hours worth of spraying huisache (a noxious brush/tree that you can be glad not to have in Canada) --- 97 degrees and not any breeze to speak of, although the humidity was lower than it usually is. Days like this I ask myself why I don't quit the cattle and instead raise a few giraffes (they relish huisache, since its so similar to acacia). Kindest regards to you and all the other Canucks, Arnold Z.
I know what you mean Arnold....I got in my truck to go home this afternoon, and the thermometer on the headboard read 112°! Looking at upper 90's all weekend too.

Take my advice and don't wish too hard for a breeze. I did that a little over a month ago and got a whole lot more breeze than I ever want to see again. :lol:


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