Introducing New bull to old bulls

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That's many more chances then I would give. For us it's 'if you cross the river/creek you are owner of a one way ticket come fall'.
But who are we kidding, if not ourselves. If a bull wants to go he is gonna go, not much fence is going to hold him from doing so.
That was my world for 4 years. If the neighbors bull didn't tear through the fence, he'd simply jump. That bull was our "guest" off/on so many times, he was trained to come to me with a bucket. I was never so happy to see them FINALLY move the entire herd.
The bulls got acquainted with each other last week. In the process of them establishing a pecking order they broke two post off in the corral. After that they seemed to get along. They are now out with the cows doing their job, well I hope they are doing their job. Friday I am going to remove the corral and haul off the loading chute, and will check on the herd.

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