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Mar 10, 2004
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Newsbrief: Cow Dung Sniffers Have Malaysian Authorities Confounded 7/19/02
Malaysia, home to some of the world's stiffest anti-drug laws, is finding that its efforts to suppress drug use are creating new, unforeseen problems. According to a report in the Australian News, Malaysian drug addicts unable to find their medicine are sniffing fresh cow dung to get high. A Malaysian narcotics official told the News that dung-sniffing is a growing problem among drug users who cannot find or afford to buy drugs -- typically opiates or methamphetamines. While the resort to sniffing cow **** raises eyebrows, addicts looking for a high are also turning to solvents, glues even polystyrene smoke. "The cow dung emits gases like sulfur, and addicts sniff on these gases to get high," the narcotics official told the News. "The problem is not very serious yet, but we are worried as this method means addicts can get high for free." Doubtless the government and press attention to the practice will serve to inform other "at risk" groups of this novel use for dung -- creating even more cause for worry, hence more attention, leading to more popularization, etc. Aside from its ubiquity and lack of expense, sniffing cow dung also has the advantage of not being illegal. Under Malaysian laws, drug traffickers face death by hanging, and users face coerced treatment, prison sentences up to 13 years and whippings. Perhaps authorities can discourage dung sniffing by promoting vegetarianism.
Sounds like a good way to help me with my cattle income problems. I'll become a cow dung dealer. Can't you just see me standing on the corner in a big trench coat with a few big black garbage bags. PSSST! Hey, buddy you wanna buy some cow dung?
Maybe that's the reason people are willing to dairy their entire life. I alwasy figured you'ld have to be crazy or high to do be a dairyman. I had alwasy assumed crazy.............

Wow, i can see a bunch of druggies snorting that stuff through a straw. but the good news is i wont get made fun of at school if i go in smelling like cow **** anymore.
Gee whiz, now we have to be on the look out for anhydrous thieves and dung sniffers? Better nail some video cams in the pasture trees!

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