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Jul 5, 2012
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Copperas Cove Tx
The following is a web based app that generates a picture from a few words of text you type in. Try to keep the text string short.
It can be comical, as it doesn't always get it 'right'.

Just type a few words where it says 'enter prompt' and then click 'generate image'. It takes about 30 seconds for the image to be generated.
generate image.jpg

I typed in "US Marines" (without the quotation marks) and it generated some appearing with 3 legs.
3 legs.jpg

Someone else had typed in 'women cattle and bullets by Norman Rockwell" and it generated a rather unattractive lady, with some sort of rifle, a itty bitty cow, and what looks like a severed left hand hanging off the fore grip of the rifle.
wcand bullets.jpg
You're confusing your self GB with extemporaneous detail. The photo is spot on.
That is disconnected Ruby who lives just down the road from me and raises miniature Dexter's and occasional hell.

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