Insulating a room in a pole barn?

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Jan 2, 2004
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For lack of a better term we are building a man cave in a garage/pole barn. Metal siding that has the double bubble reflective insulation behind the metal. Was planning on framing out walls in between the posts and finishing off a room. I was wondering is un-faced insulation would be best? I was think the insulation there next to the metal would be a vapor barrier and if I used a faced insulation that moisture might get trapped in between them.

Am I thinking wrong? Any builders out there that might have some suggestions?
i would use polyiso sheets. i wouldn't do fiberglass in a metal building.
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ISO is best insulation. R factor is 6 per inch.

i put 2" thick sheets commercial grade underneath my houses metal roof. It feels so good in the house.. hardly ever have to use the A/C or heat. extremely comfortable.. never know what the weather is unless you look outside.
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What would you do if it was already framed out?
Put iso between studs

Will that create a moisture problem with the bubble wrap under the metal and the iso in the studs?

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