horse tied too long, leg caught in rope, need your help pics

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Apr 27, 2006
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I have a good friend that runs a kids pony ride in her place of business. I have tried so many times to tell her, a horse should be tied at the point of the withers with enough room in the rope to freely move her head, and her nose CAN NOT touch the ground. She doesn't understand if she gets her leg caught what can happen to the horse or the kids near by. Please if you have anything in the way of pictures from a vet or something graphic to make her understand why she cant do this, help me out. I cant stand to see a horse hurt on the side of human stupidity!
Sounds like the person having a "Kids Pony Ride" doesn't know a frack about horses! Sounds like she is having an "Attraction" on premises to get attention of passersby to look at her business...

I doubt that showing her photos of "wrecks" would convince her/him... IF the ponies are under constant supervision (checked on every few minutes), then a disaster could be prevented or corrected. IF they are left tied incorrectly for a long period of time (up to hours?), then probably only a disaster will convince the person the tying method is wrong...

On's like the City won't put up a stop sign at a dangerous (children?) intersection until the Mayor's kid gets injured or killed...then it becomes a priority!
Gale Seddon":5xl3su5o said:
I agree with RA Bill...I'd like to add that they should only be tied with a quick release knot.

And even then you want to keep a sharp pocket knife in your pocket.Z
I have two ponies at home now. Both of them learned, not from me, that if they get tangled in any rope to just stand there. My older pony, Scar, you get stake out on a rope for as long as you like. He'll graze but has never tangled himself up. It's a real asset. Z is familiar with Scar, he's a fine old cowpony.
we've had about 14 horses and only one of them we ever trusted tied out. (a little miniature black stallion) he'd feel the rope around one of his legs and would back up or go forward, which ever was needed, and get the rope off of his legs. if he could not do it himself he'd stand still til someone undid it. none of the other horses we could do that with because they would panic if they could not get the rope loosen.
One of my friends had a big TB that he normally kept inside a hiot wire. To stake out that pony he'd run kite string from tree to tree enclosing an area. The pony would stay inside the 'fence'. People used to come by just to see that big pony inside a kite string fence.

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