Horse can't eat hay!

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Apr 7, 2004
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I was curious if anyone has ever tried chopping hay for their horse? Is there an easy way? I have an older horse that doesn't have many teeth and in the past had a broken jaw. I have him on Senior mash, alfalfa pellets & beet pulp. I have also used alfalfa cubes but they take so long to soak. I am trying to make his feedings a little easier and cut down the cost a little. So, I was thinking if I could chop my own mixed grass hay and soak it in water he might be able to eat it. Also I would still feed some senior feed but I would like to cut his ration down. Any great ideas? Or suggestions?
I have a friend that has a old horse with missing teeth also. She tried to use a garden shreder/chipper. It works but you have to have the bag on it or the dust from the hay goes everywhere. She decided it was easier to use Chop purchased from the feed store.

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