Horned Hereford Bull!

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Feb 7, 2007
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Southey, Saskatchewan
This is a bull I raised. He is a 5yr old Horned Hereford. Weight 2600lbs this spring. His mother weighed 1100lbs when he was weined, weighing 625lbs. He has seen barley maybe a dozen times when he was a yearling and thats it. We winter our bulls in a slough bottom, feeding them straw bales, hay bales, mineral and salt. That is all grass and hay muscle there and he will honestly look like that all winter. He has feet like dinner plates and walks great, he puts on alot of miles. He is out of a J Bar E Cow out of Montana and a Dunn Bull out of Manitoba, not registered but I know his pedigree. Sadly I noticed a crack in his one front claw this spring when we were doing soundness evaluations and feet scoring, so I'm not impressed with that. His calves are solid little butter balls with lots of hair and growth. The heifers I have kept out of him have great bags and are small to moderate framed heifers. Very impressed with this guy.

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He's a good looking bull and if he's doing exactly what you want him to do there's another plus.
I see lots of natural thickness in that rear shot. Good looking bull that must be doing a really good job for you, based on your own praise of him. Ultimately, that's what is important!

Thanks folks. Well his BW is 93lbs, I use him on mature cows not on any heifers and our cows can handle alot more if need be. He doesn't stand very tall, he is a moderate framed bull. Dont know if you can tell from the pics, but both eyes are pigmented. His pedigree is as follows:

Dunn's 02C LAD 14E
Dunn's 14E LAD 5J
Dunn's 85D Lady 05F
BLL Brigader 41E
J Bar E Lady Kernel J26
J Bar E Spectra F43

No xbred it isnt winter yet. Its in the high 20's Celsius to low 30's this week. Everything is starting to turn but they are calling for really warm temperatures for the next few weeks.
----Dunn's 02C LAD 14E
--Dunn's 14E LAD 5J
----Dunn's 85D Lady 05F
----BLL Brigader 41E
--J Bar E Lady Kernel J26
----J Bar E Spectra F43

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