Holiday went to the Hogs

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Dusty Britches

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Jun 8, 2005
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Branchville, Texas
So last Friday the big boss gave us Friday afternoon off so in my mind, what was the point of going in on Friday morning? I could get more fencing some and work on my new deer blind and feeder spot. Then I realized I had to also take off Tuesday afternoon, so coming off a 4 day "holiday" what was the point in working Tuesday morning?

Oh, and I finally had a sounder of hogs coming around my big trap.

But nothing ruins a work weekend like a good friend coming into to town! Dern it.

I started out on Friday by fixing gates, cleaning the house, etc. Just loose ends that I wanted tied up. We planned to deworm the cattle on Saturday morning and put fly tags on so the gates had to be fixed. I also went out during animal siesta at 2 pm to set and bait the Texas Trap. Then I set about cleaning off some fences to prepare for replacement.

And then the phone rang. My good friend Marlo called. She was in Franklin with her granddaughter, Jazelle, and husband Gary. And they were at a mutual friend's, Kevin, to dog hunt hogs with another mutual friend, Laramie. I was excited!

She asked if she could come visit over the weekend, and maybe I could come there to run some dogs on hogs. I've never done that, but any time I can try something new with good friends, I'm in.

I quickly said I had my big trap set and was confident I would trap a large sounder that very night and would need help shooting them on Saturday. She said, heck yeah! We have lots of shooters and guns!

Saturday morning did not disappoint! I woke up and check my camera. Yep! Lots of pigs!


I let Marlo know and they said when they were done hunting they would come out, probably around 10 or 11. My son and I worked the cattle, moved them, and did a few other things to prepare for the harvest. I called the hunting party to find out what was happening. They had things go sideways and were not able to hunt that morning so they decided to load up and head our way. Laramie asked if he could bring a couple of young dogs to run on a couple of piglets after we were done shooting the big pigs. I told him we had never done that before so we would play it by ear.

At noon they arrived. It was getting hot. We have a brief safety meeting and I called my neighbor who usually takes all hogs but he ran into a snag. A friend borrowed his truck and had not returned. I told him we would bring the hogs to him. The group quietly agreed when I volun-told them to field dress the pigs.

We headed over to the trap. Jazelle was set up in the back of the truck and the rest of the shooters were lined up. The shooting commenced and every big pig went down. Soon there were 3 stripers and a slightly larger pig left. We decided it would be ok to run the "pups". The main pupil was an 11 month old Dogo. Soon the pup really turned on and with the help of Lacy Dogs and a Black Mouth Cur, she caught 3 of the 4 pigs, which were quickly dispatched with a knife stick from several people. A young man, Diago, was quite impressive for a 14 year old. He was able to shoot some pigs and stick some others.

In the end, we trapped and killed 23 pigs. The weight was too much for my trailer. The floor collapsed and the sides dern near fell off.


The dogs had gotten really hot but we got hem to a tank and while we let them cool off, I showed Diago the finer points of gutting a hog.


That's Jazelle up front and Kevin on the left. The BMC was in the danger zone of heat exhaustion, but quick thinking and proper care saved her and she was ready to go the next day.

We field dressed all 23 pigs just as my neighbor recovered his truck and arrived to collect them. One of the shooters took 3 or 4 piglets and the rest went to Preacher. Pigs were stacked over the bed rails and if my hands weren't bloody I'd snap a picture. Thankfully, when we were done we did not smell any problems with the meat and Preacher at 83 years of age was quite thankful.

We were all tired from the heat and work so I really didn't get much done except the main thing - working the cattle that morning.

Next - Sunday's hog dog run!
So Sunday morning I went to Kevin's to join up with the group. The weather was very different from the prior day and I figured we'd be in for a tough hunt, but hey, when with friends, who cares?

Laramie arrived with his dog crew for the day - the BMC from Saturday, a little black bull dog, his adult dogo, Dogo, and his Cane Corso. And there were several Blue Lacys but I lost track of them. Kevin's 6 month old tri colored pup, Reba was with us, and there was Ruby and 2 or 3 others.

Here's the pinning dogs getting suited up.

We loaded up and headed out. We didn't have much luck at the first 2 ranches so we moved into the third ranch, which had deep valleys into creek bottoms and thick forest cover. It was much cooler in those areas.

They would send out 2 dogs to scan the area and when they returned, we loaded up and drove to another spot. While driving 2 dogs lit off the top of the trailer and into the woods together. The smelled the pigs! Soon the baying and barking started and got louder as the dogs drove the sow towards us. In mere seconds they darted from the woods on the left across us and into the lake marsh on the right. Dogo and the Cane Corso were released and before you could process what happened they both had ahold of the sow and drug her out of the marsh to us. Diego jumped in and knifed her in the heart. And the first hog dog hunt ended before I realized what happened. It was so fast and furious! We went from relaxing to a dead hog in less than 10 minutes. We gutted her and put her on ice. (Sorry, I don't have any good pictures.)

We drove around the lake and let the dogs out to swim and cool off. Here's Jazelle and I talking about what's in and on the water.



And for intermission, here's another pic of our Aces in the hole.


On down the road we found muddy hog wallow and put the dogs on it. They lit into the woods. While waiting on them, we brought the big dogs down to the creek bottom in the thickest area where one creek ran into another. It was much cooler there so we hung out while waiting. Then... a faint bark and howl. They were headed in our direction and Laramie was on the move, "bring the dogs!" I had Dogo and while she was driven to get to the bay, she politely let me navigate the woods through the vines and brush. When the pig and 2 dogs ran by me Laramie told me to release her. In quick order she bulldozed that pig and pinned her. The Cane Corso arrived out of no where and assisted.

This time Jazelle go to stick the pig. In a few seconds, it was all over. I'm right proud of her. Marlo asked her if she was scared and she said, "Yes, but I'm glad I did it anyway because I ain't scared anymore!"




Given the chance, would I do it again? Heck yeah!


By the time I got home it was late, and hot so I took a nap.

Another fun filled weekend that did not go the way I planned.
It was totally awesome! We killed 25 hogs this weekend!

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