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wifes walker was always clumsy but young, this year lots of miles & even tho older he's getting worse, did some simple tests- not right, nerve damage of some kind, called vet, looks like EPM and since most horses test pos in this area wether they have it or not decided to start him on the anti protozoal meds. WELL--picked up the stuff today $700 for a 28 day treatment. is this in line or is the vet's mark-up really marked up? By the way, do your part to eradicate this disease and make possoms an endangered species
Not familiar with that disease...???

Possums make good roadkill stew (at least in some of the redneck areas).

$700 for a 28 day supply? Sounds like someone is making a lot of profit or that is a high-dollar treatment for a very rare disease or condition.
equine protozal myeloencephalitis, fairly new and nasty.in Ohio most horses show antibodies for it and can test pos without it ever bothering them. possums carry the bugs and horses can pick it up in pastures. most of the horses I ve seen show nerve damage in the front end and eventually cannot eat or swallow. Vet I sell hay to had to put his personal horse down couple of yrs ago. Don't know if it's new or just diagnosed now. when we first ran into it a few yrs ago they had to test for it by comparing sucessive spinal taps!

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