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Ive got a chance to pick up a Herford cow bred back to a Beautiful Black. She's confirmed 2 months bred, but small for her breed.
The price is about 1/4 of what the auctions are getting on the hoof.
Being new at the cattle thing, what can I expect (generally) from this cross. Keeping in mind I am mainly beef breed oriented.
It's hard to believe someone would sell a bred cow for 1/4 the going price unless there was some kind of downside. Your job is to find out what it is.

Herf /Angus is one of the all time great crosses. Find out why she's so cheap!!!!!!!!!!
I think the price is cheap because its a vet and he took the cow on trade. I have yet to put eyes on her, but I was thinking the same thing...good cross, but price may be too good. Ill take a look and see what gives. In the meantime, keep the ideas coming
If it's a vet see if he will give you any kind of health guarantee also find out what he's gonna charge to pull the calf if need be.
I'd ask the vet what his "professional opinion" is. Being a vet, he's somwhat obliged to tell you the truth. You never know, you might have stumbled on a deal. Pics?
as soon as I get em. Its been raining here, and Im feeling too lazy to go anywhere
If you can get the information, try to get the basic 'family' breeding of both the Hereford cow, and the "Beautiful Black". "Beautiful" is as "Beautiful" does, and if the Black bull has a pedigree that is known, it would be very helpful. He may be an Angus, or any of several OTHER breeds. Likewise, the Hereford may be a cross of several other breeds also. You really need to know what kind of breeding you are working with, regardless of how inexpensive she may be. Usually, if it sounds too good to be true - it usually IS.

I am not trying to throw cold water on your deal, but you should really KNOW what you are attempting to buy.

cypressfarms":3dzv0sgf said:
I'd ask the vet what his "professional opinion" is. Being a vet, he's somwhat obliged to tell you the truth. You never know, you might have stumbled on a deal. Pics?

As opposed to the rest of us who can lie like snakes. :)
You could buy her, haul her to auction, and maybe get $600-800 for her. Not knowing her history or potential problems, that's probably the easiest way to make a profit with her. I doubt she would bring $1600.

You could also take her home, calve her out and hope for the best. It may work out well. At worst, I don't think you'll lose any money on the deal.
Thats what Im thinking, let her calve, and see how see does. If she does well, breed her again, and keep it rolling
I would go ahead and give it a go. The vet by the way does know the market value. 400 is what she would bring at market. You have a 2 month bred smallish cow. Not likely would sell as a bred. She would go by the pound which would be something in the low 40"s.
I got a call last night from the guy who told me about her. Turns out she's a Gert/hereford cross.
I stopped by the farm today, but no one was there, and I couldnt see the bull(sire of the unborn calf) or the cow.
I thought that might be the cross, but the fact that you indicated that she was a "smallish" cow I questioned the possibility of her being "Santa Gertrudis".

You will probably not lose a heck of a lot of money if you buy her, and THEN sell her AND whatever calf she has (assuming that you can be sure that she doesn't cost you an arm and a leg in the process), and then take your returns and, in effect, "breed up" to a better beef line. $400 is pretty cheap, even right now with the market at around a $1.00/pound, more or less. A little bit of TLC could give you some profit to work with for an upgrade.


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