Help for newbie with possibly sick cow!

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Oct 26, 2004
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Upper Peninsula of Michigan

I'm new at this beef cattle business. I have a 30 mo old that is to be inseminated in the next week. I noticed that she is acting a little odd. She is slightly away from the rest of the cows which is unusual. She is eating - they are on what little pasture is left and on their second round bale of hay(good quality grass mix). Free choice minerals. Occasional beef mix and rolled corn mostly to check up on them. Haven't fed any in the last week or so. Vacs and worming are overdue also. I am in the upper peninsula of michigan and the weather has been from one extreme to the other lately. Its warmed up again with plenty of rain and the grass is growing which is odd for this time of year.

She seems to be straining somewhat when she defacates both before and after. Also glances back at her gut during these times. She does not have diarhea. Not really down sick but appears out of sorts not so much so that anyone else notices a change but me. Maybe be nothing but what should I watch for? We had 2 pigs die recently from erysipelas.

Any help or comfort is appreciated! Will try to get a hold of a vet but the only thing harder than getting a vet to come out is trying to find a good man up here! lol

Pat, do you have a place to get this heifer caught? Do you have a thermometer? If at all possible, catch her and take her temp. That will tell alot. Also listen for any fluid when she breaths. How long has she been acting like this?

One more dumb question. Has there been a bull with her, ever? Any chance at all that she could be bred? I know you said you are gonna AI her, but stranger things have happened. :D
Seems like there is a lot of pnuemonia going around this year. If I see a cow / heifer off by herself or behaving oddly, I'd pen her and check her out. Always listen to your instinct on that!

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