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Dec 16, 2008
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I have a yearling bull 500 to 600 lbs. Found him down 3 days ago. Nothing broke because he did get up and I managed to get him in the barn. Has been on hay only. Body condition is fair and he is still eating and drinking. Looks fine just very weak.I have given him antibotics and dewormed him but he seems to weak to get up. what could this be?
Did you take his temp? If not, why did you give him antibiotics? If you did, what was the temp? Any feed changes recently? Are you in an area that has spring grasses growing now? Are you in a slenium deficient area? Are you feeding frost or drought stressed grasses?
Assuming you called a vet by now? Did you call the vet three days ago?
Have you added straw to the feed. If you did not change your mineral that could be a reason, but you surely should call a vet. An animal down for any length of time is not good.
Maybe he's just cold, I'm weak getting up when I'm cold, and it's been pretty cold up here the last couple days. Maybe I need some antibiotics.