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Feb 24, 2007
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Had a first year heifer lose her calf on Saturday, but our vet found a bum for her on Sunday.
I got the calf home and the heifer took right to her. The guy I got the calf from told me to not worry about the poop on her back side because he had been giving the calf a bottle of replacer. Calf has had no shots.

Last night the calf looked completely hollow, like she hasn't nursed at all. Got the calf up to the heifer, but would not try to nurse. Heifers bag is hard and she is full of milk. Calf is peeing and pooping.
Yes I called our vet. He told me to give the calf electrolites and terramycin in a bottle. Got a pint down her last night.
Calf has the runs and it stinks. She walks around licking the panels. I have seen her nurse on the heifer though, just that first night.

Any thoughts on the cause? Calf is about 2-3 weeks old and a twin.

They are both in pen away from the rest of our herd until we either find out what the calf has or she gets well.
give the calf a couple of scour boluses, about 12 hours apart. you could milk the heifer and give it to the calf. if the calf is not feeling good it may not want to suck.
Sounds like she is sick to me . I think I would use Baytril or Naxel/Excenel, 10 ml Scour Halt, 2 SMZ-TMP pills twice daily for 2 or 3 days plus Banamine . Try to get 3 or 4 quarts a day of additional fluids in her .

Got half a pint of electrolites and terramyacin down her this morning. Checked her later and she is running around and back to nursing the heifer. Talked to our vet and we are getting some boluses from him to give her.
Heifers bag is soft again. :D
Some vitamin B would help give him a pick me up. Beleive we put that in a calf we found half frozed to death.
for scours we often use an intramuscular dose of Trivetrin, a penicillin.. works every time for us, and we give electrolytes, etc in a bottle as well

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