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Mar 3, 2005
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My old Minnesota spreader is no more. I am looking for a good older spreader, reliable, etc. I will only do 50 loads or so a year. I will pull it with a 100 hp tractor. Any suggestions as to size and make? I had my old manure spreader for 25 years so all of a sudden I am in the market. Thanks farmguy
If u are looking for a older used spreader look them over very closely. If the bed chains are wore out and rusted badly they will break. U better have a strong back and a good shovel when that happens. Also it can get very expensive to replace the bed chain. I know this from experience. I bought a old new holland pto driven spreader that was rusted up pretty bad and the chain would break all the time. Finally sold it and bought another one that was in good shape.
I don;t think there is any one brand that is necessarilly better than others. When you get nto the old spreaders it's more up to the individual one. They all work, just some will take a lot of work to get them and keep them running
If the old one worked well I'd be looking to do a bit of welding replacing and reinforcing, don't have to look pretty but usually a few repairs will make them last for years.

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New Holland 185

Advantage over NI ?
May not be one. I have a 185 and works well for me. Haul cow manure in spring. IT is used 6 days a week sept. to jan. for spreading tobacco stalks with h2a drivers.

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