3 point spreader gear box

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Little Joe

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Oct 23, 2019
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N Central Arkansas
I just replaced the bearings and seals on a 3 point spreader, when I put it back together if I tighten all the bolts the shaft won't turn without channel locks. It will turn for a partial rotation then gets tight. I can loosen the bolts on either shaft end just a hair and it turns very easily by hand. I've taken it apart and put it back together several times and can't see a problem, I even put axle grease on the gears and the point where the shafs pivot inside the gear box. Any ideas?
It's too tight either everything didn't go back together right or you changed or lost a gasket. double check that everything is back together in the same place and if it is make you a gasket out of gasket material or cardboard like a cereal box to get some more clearance for the gears.

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