Get my cast off tommorrow!

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Jan 9, 2007
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I am so stoked! Can't wait to wash my grimey hand and arm!! It has made for some interesting new ways to do shores, breed cows and everyday life in general!! :banana:
I did a search of your posts to make sure I didn't miss it ~ how did you break your arm? :help: :( Do you have a garden to put up yet? Hope the hubby and others stepped into help. :nod:
Nope didn't break it. Bad infection in the bones of my hand, that actually fractured some of my distal digits so they are pretty crooked looking. Don't know how I got it but was on 5 different antibiotics most of summer. Hopefully that is gone, if not it is off to get a pic line. Every 9 days when Hubby was home this summer we put up as much as we could. My folks , Sister and I put up quite a bit of corn a couple of weeks ago. Hoping to do apples this weekend. Son has been a great help in the helping department! I am confident he can take care of himself at college next year!! :cry2:
Geezze!!!!! Don't be doing that again!
Infection is a sneaky thing-glad you're better.
If they want to put in a "port" mine doesn't bother me a bit. Annoing when hooked up tho.
Had that same infection in hand four years ago. Hooked up was really a downer. Eight weeks of cocktails three times a day, they pulled it out the day before deer hunting. Biggest buck I ever got was that year!! Hand and wist is a little stiff, I am sure it will come around after chores tonight that will help loosen the joints up a little! :D
Hope things get better for you soon and no line is needed. Strange how these infections can come up on you, I sympathize as I have had two bouts of it in my legs this summer and am just getting over one of them now. I hate taking antibiotics but if needs must and all. anyway good speed to good health soon...take care Chris.
Thanks me too! Just have to watch for it to come back, will have it the rest of my life. So flare ups can reoccur. just have to watch for injuries etc. Shores are going better I never realized how stiff your joints can get being in a cast. I have arthritis but this was way worse than that crap! Thanks again!

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