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She was bred Sept. 14 and according to the gestation chart on this site was due this past Tuesday. She is bagging up and will be soon, but we had another heifer bred to this same bull (AI) and calved 10 days early. All of our cows have calved on time or early this year. I guess I'm just getting anxious!
Mine are usually right on schedule for due dates ,plus or minus 2-3 days except for twins, they usually are a couple weeks early. It really depends on the animal ,,,like the old saying "a watched kettle never boils" be patient she will calve and if she is really late then just get a DNA sample done so you know for sure.
Good luck . :)
This has been our first year to AI. We had 2 hereford heifers and 2 limousin heifers. The herefords both were bred to the same hereford bull and calved the day before their due dates. It was the other limi that was 10 days early and the same limi bull as this one. Oh, well-she is only 3 days past, and my son checked her this afternoon and is guessing within the next week we will see something. I can't remember how long we kept her away from our bull, but I hope it was a while-although that wouldn't be a bad calf-that bull is out of who made who and we are just this year getting his first calves and are liking what we see. Just wanted to keep the limi's purebred!
Thanks for posting that Red Bull, I was going to let her know that Simmental was 285 & I figured Limi would be about the same. And, you can "usually" figure a bull calf will be longer gestation than a heifer calf. 286 is AVERAGE.
You need to use the right gestation table for your breed. Holstein and Gelbvieh are just about identical so I can use my Holstein calenders and breeding tables for both.
Well, she finally calved-25 days late, so it obviously is out of our bull and not the AI bull. That's ok, though. It is a healthy heifer and she looks good. Got a rocky start, though. After the cow had her she slipped under the fence. There is a slope to our pen and she found it. Wasn't even cleaned up yet. My son found her, thank goodness, and we got her back to mom and all is well. The funny thing is my son who will be 15 this Friday and who supposedly is not squemish refused to pick the calf up and push her under the fence-said she was to slimey! I'll not let him forget that one!
I had an Angus cow AI'd to a Limi go 299 days and had a 115# heifer calve last week. I was a nervous wreck. Late calver also. So I know how you feel.

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