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If you consider it a bad quality, they don't marble. But neither do the other continental breeds. As in all breeds, there are knot heads, poor milkers, lousey mothers, hard calvers, etc.. But those are a definite minority, far less then in a lot of other breeds.

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> What are the bad qualities of the
> Gelbvieh breed? Thank you.
> What are the bad qualities of the
> Gelbvieh breed? Thank you.

I must say right off that I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for the Gelbviehs, so I have trouble focusing on negatives. That said, I also have to disagree with the last response to this question - that they don't marble. Not always true.

Some cows tend to have pendulous udders and enlarged nipples (balloon tits) which can make it hard for calves to get ahold of them. One can consistently cull those girls until your herd doesn't have the problem. The breed also tends to a lot of "leather" - extra skin in the brisket and sheath areas. Some buyers will dock for this.

Overall, however, the breed is a gentle, maternal, easy fleshing breed that makes an excellent cross with British breeds. I have worked Gelbviehs in the chute and managed the first Gelbvieh bull sale in my area. The ranch I worked on consistently won the carcass contest at our state fair with Gelbvieh cross steers. One graded prime with a yield grade of 1. Hard to beat that with any breed! He also consistently tops the Gelbvieh section of the Superior Livestock Auction Bellringer Sale in Denver every January with his Gelbvieh and Gelbvieh cross offerings. Feeders are waiting for his cattle.

Guess I didn't do very well with the "wrongs" of Gelbviehs as I don't think there are many.... and I don't even raise them. I'm an Angus/Lowline breeder!


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