Frosted crabgrass

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sassafras manor

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Aug 31, 2011
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south central IL
I was able to buy extra hay this fall and chose to graze my hayfield instead if baling it. I have an abundance of crabgrass out there but we are expecting 31 degrees tonight. Is there any reason to pull the cattle off of the frosted crabgrass and what will the feed value be of it post-frost? Thank you
I don't believe there is any "danger" in frost damaged crabgrass as there sometimes is with forages such as johnson grass. What happens is that it becomes unpalatable to the cows. As the days get shorter and cooler, its growth slows down, it starts losing some color. After first frost, the cows don't prefer it. Stockpiling crabgrass is not like stockpiling fescue. Fescue quality is on the increase and crabgrass quality is on the decrease now.
Thanks simme. I've noticed here lately they've been hitting the fescue, Clover and Orchard Grass much more so than the crabgrass. They pretty much cleaned the Johnson grass up the first couple of weeks they were turned into the hay field

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