Found an Interesting Artifact

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ga. prime

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Aug 30, 2004
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So. Cent. Ga.

I suppose it's either a hide scraper or a tommahawk head. I would've left it where I found it except one of the deer lease hunters would've picked it up and hauled it back to Florida.
Yeah, maybe it was a hoe. That would explain why some Indian kid threw it over in the bushes where I found it. :lol2: I'll get some pics out in the sunlight tomorrow and repost.
Amazing what you when you least expect it. I was walking through our corral and kicked a rock, but something made me walk back to it. It was a stone scraper.
Hubby's grandfather found an obisidon (sp?) spear head in a field.
hurleyjd":1b1ep7xm said:
Looks like one of the sex rocks to me.
When I was a kid my dad called them leaverights as in leave er right there
Looks like an ordinary rock around the hill country, course I expect to find that in a hill country rock pile. Don't know about finding that in a sandbox like Georgia.
You don't find flint at all in the part of Georgia I live in. Indians went elsewhere and traded for it and brought it back here.
There was(still is) a place back home,just a slight rise,that you can sit atop and see for MILES-- could find arrow heads and flint chips there by the billions. They must have sat watch there and chipped arrowheads while doing it. I could sit on my horse and see 5 miles in all directions..

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