Fencing in slight curves

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Mar 7, 2017
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Northwest GA
I'm running a new stretch of barb wire where my property joins the road front due to being woken up by the sheriff's office at 1 a.m. with a 7 mo old calf sleeping by the road. On one section there is a slight curve in between my 2 H-braces (orange). I put in 2 6" posts (yellow) to help take the load off of my t-posts. My question is do I run the barb on the outside or inside of these 2 posts? If I run the wire on the inside it seems like I shouldn't depend on staples and instead screw a board over the wire over the entire height of the post. On a side note it sure is nice having calves bucket trained so they follow you right back in the barn.

The grass is softer for sleeping outside the fence!!!! It amazes me that they just have to go outside the fences, just to be there.
We moved about 20 cow/calf pairs to pasture 2 weeks ago. Little, spring born calves. The drive down to the gate is about 3 truck & trailer lengths, maybe 75 or 100 feet. Grass grown up along the sides. At the gate there is a building and about 2- 2 1/2 feet between it to the gate post. There is about 70 acres of grass and it grew high fast once we got rain. So we get there, bringing the bull and 2 other cows to put out, and start down the little drive and we see 2 calves in the grass along the drive. There is only a 3 board fence along part of it; previous owner had horses so no big deal but a little too much space between boards so the little calves can sneak through for a month or so. Figured they snuck through the fence. Then there are a couple more heads that pop up from the tall grass, and there are 7 or 8 in this little short drive area with the tall grass. My son walks down to open the gate and here they go, along the gate, through that little space between the building and the gate post. What is the attraction of this grass along the drive when they have 70 acres to go play and hide in? It was like the "secret hideaway path" !!!! So funny.

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