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Jan 4, 2009
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North Mississippi
I am putting up an 4 strand electric fence someone already put up 2 strands [High tensile top 2 strands] im putting up 2 more lower tensile I can get it very tight with hands but the two already ran arent that tight but tight enough to stay up unless a cow is pushing up on it im wondering if those two strands on top are ok to use i was thinking of puttin a goat in it when its done if a goat cant get out i dont think a cow can...
You know why the chicken crossed the road?
To prove to the armadillo that it can be done.

I think goats are here to prove to fence builders that it can be done.
Jogeephus":394gcrgv said:
A goat could find its way out of hades.

You know how to check a fence to see if a goat can get out don't you?

Take a bucket of water and throw it at the fence. If the water gets thru it, the goat will too. :lol2:
A guy right down the road from me put some goats in the woods with a single strand of electric. Goats stayed on the road. He is up to five strands and the goats were still on the highway. For the last three weeks there have been no goats on the highway so I had to ask the secret. He moved them across the county. :lol2: I do believe the one thing that will keep a goat in is a moat. Seems they can't stand wet feet and would rather starve to death than walk through six inches of water to get to browse.
:lol: :lol:
You say the top 2 strands are loose. Can't you tighten them? If they are hi-tensile there should be a tightener on it. If not, I would put one in.
If this fence was originally built for 2 strands, are your corners strong enough for 4 strands? You need well braced corners.

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