featherlite trailer

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I am looking at a 8127 7 x 20 gooseneck trailer. Anyone have any thoughts on these? Just using on a cow calf operation. Thanks
Featherlite is a good trailer but I think they're overpriced. I think that they're targeting the weekend horse owner (no offense to anyone). I don't know how they would hold up to day in day out cattle hauling. Just my opinion and that's worth what you paid for it.
If you just want a steal gooseneck the Gooseneck brand is hard to beat.
We're looking into getting a Eby 20' aluminum. At NAILE we looked over all the trailers, and we pleased by the heavier al. castings on the Eby, along with the heavier, bent ribbed floor, along with the heavier doors and hinges. Price was about the same along similar trailers.

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