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Does anyone have any experience with AI'ing a horse, as in how many tries does it usally take? does it usally take more than one try?

My Dad just had his Doc O Lena mare AI'ed. They wouldn't ship the semen frozen, so time was of the essence, and a vet did the deed. She caught on the first attempt. This was a surprise as previous years attempts for natural service took a bit more time for romance.
Why wouldn't they ship frozen semen? How do you ship fresh semen? Can they sip semen like you do for cattle, or wouldn't they? My 20 questions for the day.
Some do ship frozen, but most don't, in horses I have been told frozen is tough to get the horse breed. You have about and 48 to 72 hour window from the time the semen is collected to AI the mare. the semen is collected and usally shipped within a couple of hours (fed ex) there is a special contanier involved, but I believe it only contains 1 or 2 straws...not too special.

My problem is that after the stud fee and inital vet cost it's $250 each time you ship semen and more vet cost. We tried our mare 3 times this spring, $750 extra in just shipping cost and about $600 in extra vet cost and still not bred. The Stud has a good sperm count, I know the vet missed her once and we tried once on the foal heat. But is there an average number of tries? I would love to hear some more from people who have tried. I'm I having some bad luck or does it take 3 or 4 tries? The yet to be concieved foal is getting very expensive.. we are now waiting to breed her until next Feb or March.

I had poor luck with A.I. a horse. Spent over $500 in vet & transport fees and my very fertile mare didn't take. Vet was a quality equine Vet who knew her stuff. Semen had very low viability when she received fresh semen from a known quality stallion.

Ended up transpoorting my mare about 500 miles to the breeder for natural service and several weeks of boarding fees. Have $1600 invested in this pregnancy (she is safe in foal @ 9 months now), not counting cost of stud service.

Quoth The Raven! "Nevermore, Nevermore" (trying to Al.I. a horse).

Horses are extremley hard to AI off the breeding facility. I have not heard of many people having good luck with it unless they have the horse boarded at a Reproductive center that specializes in AI of Horses.
They monitor the mares several times a day to see what stage she is in and then insemenate her when the time is wright. Generaly the over all costs ends up being resonable compared to haveing your vet out several times and failed attemps.

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