Embryo's and Semen

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if i'm understanding your question right, you're wanting to know where to purchase semen & embryos?

there are companies who specialize in semen sales. they have bulls of different breeds that you can choose from. here are a couple of links. i'm sure other people can add more.



if i remember right, you mentioned once that you weren't interested in herefords? that's really the only semen we order & we order pretty much everything through reed enterprises. they have semen and certificates on just about any hereford or polled hereford bull you could want.
we just call them & let them know what we want & they ship it ups to arrive on whatever day you want.


semen can also usually be purchased directly from owner(s) of whatever bull you're interested in using.

embryos can be purchased either through word of mouth private treaty or more commonly at production sales. many ranches will offer embryo lots along with their regular lots for sale.
We do a couple of semen sites also.

http://bullseyegenetics.com/ is a new site owned by Charles Levins. He has over 700 bulls available. All semen is sold at below list prices. He plans to have his sires listed online by this fall.

http://sementank.com is a place where you can showcase your featured sires and has some semen listed that is not available elsewhere. Also MVE semen tanks.
Thank you to everyone for your information. I have found many contacts from your guidance that Will be tremendously helpful.

Gravlee: Thanks for the great site ! :D

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