Dusting for Lice

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Dave from MN

Apr 23, 2006
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Central MN
Evening, Well, close check on the my 800# calves and I seen I had a lice issue. I picked up a canister of permithren powder-Coral powder 1%. It says to sprinkle 2 oz. per animal. Well, I did on one animal, he has a little thicker coat. My question is, when sprinkling him with it, I went from tail to up behind his ears. Well, he wants to turn around and lick his ribs/shoulders and back, to scrath an itch I am sure. is thee any issues with him licking this stuff. Also, I noticed he started to , well, kinda attack the round bale, like he had a real bad onset of itches, or jusr decided to kick the snot out of the bale. Could it have been that the lice were reacting to the powder treatment and were going crazy them selves, causing an intense itch? Please advise as I have 5 more two do yet in that pen and would like to get them all in the morning. Vet just told me to sprinkle head to tail. Didnt say anything about if the lick their hide, cant get a hold of him again.
Go ahead and finish them up Dave, they will be fine.
If they bed down on hay, sprinkle their hay beds as well.

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