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Jan 9, 2009
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Deep South East Texas - Chambers County
So, almost 3 years ago we signed an agreement with DU to build an impoundment field...its design size is 77 acres...well the area we chose is an area of Prior Converted Wetlands in the dead center of the property. We finally got started on the work for this thing this year because of the drought. In prior years we either had too much rain, or a hurricane which prevented us from getting anything done. Were on day 10 now, in these photos, and they have built about 2 miles of levy, added 3 different water control pipes, a large waterman gate and a huge ditch.

We are laser leveling this field to have 1/2 of a degree of drop from the top to the bottom of the field...everything should drain and run to our southwest corner where we will have a pumping station....when it is time to release the water and dry the field out in the summers we simply open the screw gate and all the water "should" run out the gate, into this new ditch we have formed, and then into a 12 acre reservoir that we are digging to hold all the freshwater.

The resevoir is interesting too - it will be over 15' deep in a section that is the reach of the excavator and about 100 yards long, and then the rest of the 12 acres will be about 18-26 below grade level, and gradually sloping up until it is back to grade. This design should hold water year round, and then during the winter provide both a deepwater area of freshwater, and quite a bit of shallow feeding areas.

All in all we have committed 89 acres to DU in hopes of getting some nice wildlife back on our property. Enjoy the pics.

- the start of the laser leveling.

- looking from the bottom towards the top of the field

- new levy and ditch to drain water to the Southeast pump station

- new ditch to drain the DU field to the new resevoir.

- more new levy looking North towards our fresh water canal

- waterman gate to prevent the water from draining in the winter

- the start of the reservoir - its beside a large canal as well
Great projsct. Us hunters up the flyway from you sure appreciate your effort. Hope you post some pics when it's done.
Does DU help out with the cost of installation? I imagine you will also have some good fishing.
If your in a "priority area" for DU, they help with almost everything. On this particular project they have agreed to pay 100% - We pay out of pocket and finish to their design and they reimburse 100% of actual cost up to $500/acre. We simply have to guarantee to do that which I would be doing anyways for hunting, Ie - we have to put water onto the field by September 10, and hold the water until Feb 28 - Basically our Duck Season...from early teal through the end of our regular season.

They do all the surveys, all of the site plans, and they stake the project. You then have to get the work done, either by yourself, or hire a contractor. They come back once you have completed the project do an as built survey, and if its close enough to their design then they pay you the contract price...I haven't been reimbursed yet as we haven't gotten our inspection done, but I'm told that they are very lenient on construction, and its easy to get the money.

Its been a huge win win for us, as both the fields were too wet to use all winter/spring, and now we will have one field that is perfectly situated for hunting, and another that has been drained and perfect for grazing. Before both were marginal at best, and now both will be excellent. And the pond wont be too bad for fishin either once we get it stocked.

They say we have to wait about 6-8 months to stock it though, b/c the hurricane deposited so much salt in the dirt, it will take a while to dilute it enough for some fresh water fish to be able to live in it.
I am speachless.....honestly.

I take my hat off. Maybe for some of you up there things like this are quite normal, but shows how serious people and organizations are in first world countries.

To do something like this thinking in wildlife and in hunters just shows what a wonderful country you have.

This post make my day, I will tell everyone at the shooting club how things work "up there" :clap: